Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors


When we design residences, we understand them to be private, cherished homes that exhibit an artfulness uniquely tailored to an owner’s lifestyle, budget, and time in life. They are best when they have natural light, authentic materials, great views, and well-proportioned spaces. We see them as poetic places that are quiet and calm. We aim to balance sensible luxury with utmost practicality. Our preference is to be the architects and the interior designers to best deliver the highest value throughout the design process.
Broadly, in addition to residences, we work on projects in the United States and internationally for people to dine, shop, vacation, work, exhibit, and create in. Our extensive experience and depth of knowledge allows us to provide comprehensive or separate architecture and interior design services on any scale of building from ground-up to renovations to interior build-outs. We have successfully worked for individuals, businesses, and non-profits to deliver creative solutions through a process that is guided by leadership, listening, innovation, and collaboration.