‘briq.mx Enhances Payment Processing with Bitso Integration’

briq.mx, a digital platform for collective real estate investments, has announced a strategic partnership with Bitso Business, a leading payment technology provider. This collaboration will enhance briq.mx’s transaction processing capabilities, making it the first crowdfunding platform to leverage Bitso’s services for payment optimization.

By integrating with Bitso Business, briq.mx will be able to efficiently manage transactions for its 125 institutional clients and 90,000 individual users. This partnership enables payments to be processed in pesos through a single account managed by an API, resulting in cost savings and improved transaction speed and stability.

Crowdfunding platforms like briq.mx must adhere to stringent financial regulations to safeguard investor interests. In Mexico, these platforms are mandated to have a unified account for fund reception and disbursement, a requirement that traditional payment systems may struggle to fulfill effectively.

Bitso’s technology offers briq.mx a regulatory-compliant solution that segregates user funds from company funds, ensuring transparency and efficiency, particularly when handling large transaction volumes. Alberto Padilla Luengas, CEO and co-founder of briq.mx, expressed that the partnership with Bitso has established a secure financial framework that meets their technological efficiency and security needs, crucial for managing the platform’s high transaction volumes.

Thales Freitas, Director of Bitso Business, emphasized Bitso’s commitment to supporting growing companies by connecting them with robust banking systems and ensuring compliance with local regulations. This collaboration aims to facilitate essential services, such as those provided by briq.mx, and to streamline financial operations for businesses in the digital investment sector.