BONK Price Surges After Coinbase Adds Solana Meme Coin Following XRP

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Friday that it would be listing the Solana-based meme coin Bonk for trading in New York. This news was met with excitement from the crypto community, especially coming on the heels of the recent listing of XRP for New York residents the day before.

Traders wasted no time in reacting to the announcement, with the price of BONK seeing an immediate uptick as it rose more than 10% in just a few hours. This move by Coinbase further solidifies its position as a key player in the cryptocurrency market, offering more options for traders and investors.

The addition of Bonk to Coinbase’s trading platform in New York is likely to attract even more attention to the meme coin, as well as increase trading volume and liquidity. This latest development reflects the growing interest and adoption of alternative cryptocurrencies beyond just Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Overall, Coinbase’s decision to list Bonk is a positive sign for the cryptocurrency market, showcasing the exchange’s commitment to providing a diverse range of options for its users. The response to the announcement demonstrates the continued enthusiasm and demand for new and innovative digital assets in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading.