Bird Can Soar Over 100 Miles Without Flapping Wings

Birds have always captivated humans with their ability to effortlessly fly across long distances. Among these birds, Andean Condors stand out for their exceptional soaring capabilities. These majestic creatures can cover nearly 100 miles without flapping their wings, a rare feat in the animal kingdom.

A recent study conducted by a team from Swansea University and the National University of Comahue shed light on the incredible flying skills of Andean condors. Tracking eight of these birds for five years, researchers fitted them with GPS devices and recording units to monitor their wingbeats. Surprisingly, the observations revealed that the condors spent only 1 percent of their time in flight flapping their wings, mostly during takeoff.

One remarkable finding from the study was that one of the condors flew for over five hours without flapping its wings, covering more than 100 miles. This groundbreaking research was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

Experts like Emily Shepard from Swansea University and David Lentink from Stanford University were amazed by the condors’ flying prowess. These birds are expert pilots that rely on thermal uplifts and rising gusts of warm air to soar effortlessly through the skies.

The study also highlighted the exceptional decision-making ability of younger condors, showing that even immature birds are as proficient at flying as their older counterparts. This research serves as a testament to the remarkable skills of Andean Condors and their unmatched aerial capabilities.