Biden allocates million for projects by regional fishery management councils

The U.S. government, under President Joe Biden’s leadership, has allocated a significant amount of funding to support regional fishery management councils across the country. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, a total of USD 20 million has been awarded to these councils as part of the Investing in America agenda.

According to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, the regional fishery management councils play a crucial role in developing conservation and management measures for the nation’s marine fisheries. This investment will enable the councils to enhance their efforts in incorporating fishery management measures that are essential for improving climate resiliency and responsiveness to the impacts of climate change.

Each of the eight councils will receive between USD 1 million to USD 3 million for prioritized climate-related projects based on their specific needs. These projects will vary from conducting fish climate vulnerability assessments to implementing climate scenario planning recommendations.

NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator Janet Coit emphasized the importance of ensuring that the nation’s fisheries are equipped to adapt to climate change. Collaboration with council partners and the utilization of the best available science are key components in developing and implementing fisheries management strategies that can effectively address climate impacts.

This funding is part of a larger framework announced by the Biden administration in June 2023, totaling USD 2.6 billion for investments in coastal climate resilience. The specific allocation of USD 20 million for regional fishery management councils was initially announced in October as part of the ongoing efforts to address climate change in the fisheries sector.