BellSoft releases Liberica JDK 21 for RISC-V with support

RISC-V is a
free, open RISC instruction set architecture (ISA) that is currently gaining
popularity due to its high performance, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

RISC-V advantages
are evident to many industries, from IoT to servers. Many companies in these
industries use Java as their default programming language, and they are seeking
to employ Java on RISC-V.

BellSoft aims to be
the first in the service and convenience of your Java journey, bringing the
advantages of modern technologies to you as soon as they become available. We
now have tailored Liberica JDK builds for RISC-V, so you can
port your applications without any issue.

Java on RISC-V

RISC-V is a viable
alternative to Intel and ARM, with the total market for RISC-V SoCs predicted to
reach $92.7B by 2030
. In response to the increasing availability of
RISC-V hardware, the OpenJDK port on the Linux/RISC-V platform
has already been integrated into JDK 19, but developers need to build a JDK
binary the right way for use with RISC-V.

Liberica JDK for

  • is fully TCK-compliant;
  • brings you the freedom of WORA
    (write once run anywhere);
  • enhances the family of BellSoft
    products, allowing you to work with the same vendor for every development goal
    on all platforms and for all versions.

Liberica JDK builds for Linux on RISC-V are
available starting from JDK 21 LTS. BellSoft is committed to supporting version
21 until 2032. Liberica JDK Standard is a base Liberica JDK flavor with three
VMs and all garbage collectors, designed specifically for running Java on
RISC-V in a highly performant and cost-efficient way.