Attracting Future Customers in 2024: Online Bank Emphasizes More Than Just Welcome Bonus

BforBank Unveils New Identity and Offers to Attract Customers

Online banking has undergone a transformation with the rebranding of BforBank, including a new identity, bank cards, and enticing offers to attract new customers.

The changes go beyond just aesthetics as BforBank has completely revamped its design, logo, and color scheme while also reimagining its range of offers. The online bank now offers two distinct packages, with one of them being completely free.

Typically, customers would expect to pay 4 euros per month for the premium offer, but currently, BforBank is offering the BforZEN card free of charge for the first 6 months. Additionally, new customers can benefit from a bonus of up to 80 euros when signing up.

BforZEN: A Premium Card Without the Premium Price Tag

At BforBank, a premium bank card no longer needs to be gold or black to be considered elite. The BforZEN offer, distinguished by its turquoise color, comes with a host of advantages, including zero charges for withdrawals (up to 5 per month) and payments within France or the eurozone.

Both the BforZEN and BforBASIC offers include features such as a free virtual bank card for online purchases, free instant transfers, and real-time monitoring of current operations through the BforBank mobile application.

A Standout Customer Service Experience

One of BforBank’s key strengths lies in its customer service, which is accessible via telephone and instant chat 24/7. Customers can always expect to speak to a real advisor based in France, ensuring a personalized and efficient service without the use of automated bots.

Up to 80 Euros Offered for New Account Openings

To celebrate its rebranding, BforBank is extending a special offer to new customers. By opening a BforZEN or BforBASIC account through the mobile app, depositing a minimum of 200 euros within 7 days, and conducting 6 transactions within 60 days, customers can receive a bonus of up to 80 euros.

Additionally, customers have the opportunity to test the BforZEN offer free of charge for the first 6 months without any obligations, a package that would typically cost 4 euros per month.

This new era for BforBank aims to attract and retain customers with attractive offers, competitive features, and a commitment to exceptional customer service.