“Artificial Intelligence transforms traditional literature into interactive games to promote reading”

Playbrary, a global initiative available in over 50 languages, is catching the attention of young gamers worldwide. The National Library Board (NLB) is collaborating with schools and libraries to draw in young gamers and has even partnered with a popular game influencer on Twitch to promote their favorite books.

Louis, a member of the team behind Playbrary, emphasized the innovative nature of using advanced AI models like ChatGPT. According to Louis, the development and training of such tools is a groundbreaking field that requires significant experimentation.

The initiative, spearheaded by the National Reading Movement and the National Library Board in Singapore, is overseen by Programme Director Chris Koh, Senior Manager/Senior Librarian Ilyani Suhaimi, and Manager Jennifer Tan.

LePub APAC, the agency behind this creative project, boasts a stellar team including Global Chief Creative Officer Cristiana Boccassini, Chief Creative Officer Mihnea Gheorghiu, and a host of other talented individuals who are driving the success of Playbrary.

MSL Singapore is responsible for the PR efforts surrounding Playbrary, with Director Karen Yap leading the team in promoting this innovative initiative to a global audience.

Overall, Playbrary is making waves in the world of gaming and literature, bridging the gap between technology and education in a creative and engaging way.