Anne McDonald Design


Anne McDonald Design is best known for her bespoke and visually diverse residential and commercial design. At the heart of McDonald’s design philosophy is the belief in finding pleasure within utility, an ethos she applies to every project. McDonald navigates the delicate dance of historic preservation and modern living, seamlessly marrying the past with the present.
Anne McDonald Design welcomes projects of all types, scopes, and locations; her portfolio reflects this in its range of 19th-century protected architecture to a hyper-feminine fashion showroom.
Full projects have been featured in Architectural Digest Middle East, Elle Decor, Rue Magazine, and Remodelista.
To best meet the needs of your project, consider the following offerings:
— Full Project, larger scope (e.g. multiple rooms or whole home) with the luxury of full-service design deliverables from start to finish.
— Petite Project, smaller scope and often shorter-term, without having to skimp on full-service design deliverables.
— Consultation via The Expert.