Android just got more productive with these new features

Our smartphones are supposed to help make us more productive. Depending on your needs, there are a bunch of various apps and built-in software features to help with that. For those looking for native solutions, you might be interested to learn that at MWC 2024, Google has announced a bunch of new productive features for Android.

New AI features

This includes adding some AI features to Android Auto. Android Auto will now be able to automatically summarize long texts or group chats while you’re driving. You won’t have to keep glancing at the screen which will make your drive safer. It can also suggest relevant replies and actions.

Google also announced that its Gemini AI will be coming to the Messages app. Users can now access Gemini within the Messages app and chat with the AI to help draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan events, and more.

Other new AI features also include AI-generated captions for images. This will help with accessibility for those who are blind or have low vision. Speaking of accessibility, Lens for Google Maps is also getting an update. This comes in the form of enhanced screen reader support where you can point your phone’s camera at surroundings and TalkBack can read the place’s information out loud.

Health and productivity

If you’re a Google Docs user, the upcoming update introduces handwritten annotations. Users can make annotations using their finger or a stylus. Google has also made some changes to the Fitbit app. The app through Health Connect will show you all your health stats from various fitness gadgets and trackers, giving you all the information you need at a glance.

Wear OS

For those who have a Wear OS smartwatch, the update will let you access tickets, membership passes, and also get transit directions from your watch itself. These new Android productive features are rolling out as we speak, but depending on your phone, it might not necessarily be available to you immediately.