Airdrop Date Announced for Blast with Larger Rewards for Participants as Compensation for Delay

The highly anticipated Blast airdrop has finally been announced for June 26. Blast is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling network developed by the team behind the popular NFT marketplace, Blur. Although there have been delays in the launch, the team has promised good news for those eagerly waiting.

In an official statement from the Blast X account, the team expressed their apologies for the delay, stating that the airdrop allocation will be increased to make up for the delay.

Additionally, the team revealed that two final distributions of Blast Gold points will take place before the token launch. Blast Gold operates as a traditional airdrop point system for the network’s builders and creators, rather than users.

Many developers of decentralized apps on the network have already distributed their awarded gold to users, with popular examples like ‘Fantasy Top,’ an NFT game based on Crypto Twitter influencers.

The tokenomics of the airdrop dictate that half of the allocation will go to developers via Blast Gold, while the other half will be distributed to early network users who bridged funds before the main net launch in February. So far, users have bridged over .3 billion in digital assets to earn points for the upcoming airdrop.

Investors are eagerly anticipating the Blast airdrop, hoping for returns similar to the massive 0 million airdrop of BLUR tokens in 2023 by Blur. Following in the footsteps of Blur, Blast is expected to be a lucrative opportunity for those who interact with the network and dApps.

With the airdrop set to take place on June 26, the crypto community is buzzing with excitement for what promises to be a significant event in the world of NFTs and decentralized networks.