AI-powered sustainable banking introduced by Cogo & Personetics

Cogo, a carbon footprint management specialist, is teaming up with Personetics, an AI-driven personalized digital banking engagement platform, to revolutionize climate-conscious banking. By harnessing the power of AI, this collaboration aims to provide banking solutions that help customers understand and manage their carbon emissions based on their spending patterns. This innovative approach allows financial institutions to offer a more streamlined and effective way to promote sustainability.

In an increasingly urgent push for sustainability across global markets, large corporations and financial institutions are recognizing the value of partnering with forward-thinking fintech companies to drive innovation towards sustainability. Ben Gleisner, Founder and CEO of Cogo, expresses excitement about the partnership with Personetics, stating, “We’re excited to be working with Personetics to help some of the world’s largest institutions move the needle on one of the world’s largest problems.”

The vision shared by Cogo and Personetics is centered around transparency and innovation. The growing awareness of one’s climate impact is evolving from a mere healthy habit to a customer demand that drives commercial opportunities. Today’s consumers expect proactive strategies to manage their spending habits, and banks that respond effectively see increased trust and loyalty from their customer base.

Dorel Blitz, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Personetics, highlights the importance of sustainability for both consumers and businesses, emphasizing the need for financial data-driven solutions to empower customers in managing their environmental impact. The partnership between Cogo and Personetics extends beyond financial insights, aligning with the vision of enabling smart financial decisions and providing hyper-personalized experiences to drive customer engagement and loyalty towards a sustainable future.

Cogo has established relationships with major global banks like NatWest, ING Group, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp Bank, and most recently, Kiwibank. Their Cogo Personal and Business Carbon Manager offers carbon emissions data for various banking transactions, assisting both individuals and businesses in calculating their carbon footprints and offering personalized recommendations to reduce them.

Personetics, on the other hand, partners with over 130 banks globally, leveraging AI-powered insights and recommendations to enhance customers’ financial well-being and promote informed financial decisions. This robust data foundation is crucial for seamlessly integrating Cogo’s carbon footprint calculation framework.

Together, Cogo and Personetics are leading the way in sustainable banking practices. Customers can now track their carbon footprint based on their spending habits directly within their banking apps, receiving tailored recommendations on how to reduce their environmental impact. This partnership aims to provide customers with a trusted digital experience that includes suggestions for sustainable lending and solutions, ultimately helping individuals make more sustainable purchasing decisions and reduce their climate impact. Gleisner concludes, “Our partnership offers the fastest, smartest, and most accurate pathway for banks to assist customers in making sustainable choices and minimizing their impact on the environment.”