AI Model ‘Stable Audio Open’ for Generating Sounds Released by Stability

Stability AI has unveiled its latest innovation, Stable Audio Open, a new AI model designed for generating sounds and music. This groundbreaking model has been trained solely on royalty-free recordings from Free Sound and the Free Music Archive, totaling around 486,000 samples of music and sound libraries.

Stable Audio Open has the capability to produce up to 47 seconds of audio based on text descriptions. This open-source tool is optimized for creating short audio samples, sound effects, and production elements using text prompts. It offers a versatile resource for sound designers, musicians, and creative professionals looking to generate instrumentals, drum beats, ambient noise, and various audio production elements for use in videos, films, and television.

The tool aims to empower users to create high-quality audio from simple text prompts, making it particularly useful for music production and sound design. Stability AI encourages sound designers, musicians, developers, and audio enthusiasts to explore the capabilities of Stable Audio Open and provide feedback to further enhance the model.

While Stable Audio Open is not optimized for producing full tracks, melodies, or vocals, Stability AI also offers a commercial model of Stable Audio for creating comprehensive tracks with coherent musical structures up to three minutes in length. The company emphasizes its commitment to responsible development and looks forward to advancing research and development in the field of AI audio generation in collaboration with creative communities.