“AI Image Generation on Commodore 64: 20 Minutes for 90 Iterations on 64 Pixels”

A developer and hobbyist named Nick Bild has taken nostalgia to a whole new level by creating a generative AI tool for the iconic Commodore 64. This tool is capable of generating 8 x 8 sprites displayed at a resolution of 64 x 64, sparking inspiration for game design concepts.

While the AI model runs on the Commodore 64 itself, the training process requires a modern PC. The process takes approximately 20 minutes to run 90 iterations, resulting in a final 64 x 64 image. Although this may not rival the capabilities of current-gen AI GPUs, it is certainly a remarkable feat for the aging Commodore 64.

Bild expressed his motivation for this project in a YouTube description, stating, “AI image generators are very popular these days, and the results are used in all sorts of creative projects. This made me wonder what it would have been like if image generators had existed during the early personal computer revolution in the 1980s. What would they have been like, and what would the images have been used for?”

This innovative project highlights the enduring appeal of the Commodore 64 and showcases the endless possibilities of combining retro technology with modern advancements in artificial intelligence.