“Agricultural Insurance Provider Chooses InvoiceCloud for Payment Services”

American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance, a leading insurance provider in Oklahoma, has recently announced their partnership with InvoiceCloud, a top digital bill payment services provider. This collaboration aims to enhance the policyholder experience and streamline manual processes for AFR Insurance.

AFR Insurance, known for offering auto, home, farm, and life policies to over 150 communities in Oklahoma, sought to update its online payment system to provide a user-friendly and engaging experience for all age groups. InvoiceCloud was the perfect fit, offering a modern digital payment experience with self-service options and personalized payment reminders to reduce policy lapses and drive digital adoption.

Bernadette Autrey, Chief Financial Officer of American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance, praised InvoiceCloud for delivering the modern digital payment experience their policyholders desired. The increase in self-service payments has not only satisfied their policyholders but also helped keep costs down as the company has expanded its customer base.

Since implementing InvoiceCloud in 2022, AFR Insurance has seen impressive results, including a 97% policyholder retention rate and a 48% increase in AutoPay adoption within the first year. Additionally, digitizing payments has lowered the average age of policyholders and agents by nine years, showcasing the appeal of InvoiceCloud’s various payment options that cater to different preferences.

Kevin O’Brien, CEO of InvoiceCloud, expressed pride in providing AFR Insurance with a reliable digital payment experience that meets the expectations of today’s policyholders. This partnership has not only increased self-service and digital adoption but also saved valuable time and resources for agents, allowing them to focus more on supporting policyholders and communities.

To learn more about AFR Insurance’s experience with InvoiceCloud, interested individuals can visit their customer story on InvoiceCloud’s website.

About InvoiceCloud:

InvoiceCloud is a provider of modern digital payment, customer engagement, and outbound disbursement solutions. With a strong presence in the utility, government, and insurance industries, InvoiceCloud’s SaaS platform enables continuous improvements in customer experience, leading to higher digital payment, autopay, and paperless adoption rates.

About AFR Insurance:

American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance is an award-winning insurance company offering auto, home, farm, and life insurance services to multiple communities throughout Oklahoma. Their commitment to delivering best-in-class insurance products and services has solidified their reputation as a trusted insurance provider in the region.