Adumo, a South African Fintech Company, Bought for .9 Million by Lesaka

Adumo, a leading South African fintech company, has recently been acquired by Lesaka in an impressive .9 million deal. This acquisition marks a significant move in the fintech industry, showcasing the company’s growth and potential in the market.

Lesaka, a prominent player in the financial services sector, saw great value in acquiring Adumo and recognized the company’s innovative solutions and technology. With this acquisition, Lesaka aims to strengthen its position in the fintech space and expand its reach in the market.

The .9 million deal demonstrates the growing interest in fintech companies, particularly in emerging markets like South Africa. As the fintech industry continues to evolve and disrupt traditional financial services, acquisitions like this one will shape the future of the sector.

This acquisition highlights the success and potential of Adumo, as well as the opportunities in the South African fintech market. With Lesaka’s backing, Adumo is poised for further growth and success in the industry.

Overall, the acquisition of Adumo by Lesaka in an .9 million deal is a significant development in the fintech industry, showcasing the growth and potential of both companies in the market. Subscribe today to stay updated on the latest news and insights from the world of emerging markets business.