Acquisition of ‘Crypto: The Game’ by Uniswap Labs

Uniswap Labs has recently announced the acquisition of Crypto: The Game (CTG), a popular onchain survival game, with plans to integrate it into their platform. The CTG team will now be working with Uniswap Labs on Season 3 and future onchain activations, bringing new themes, twists, and features to the game.

In previous CTG seasons, contestants bought in with 0.1 ETH, formed tribes, and competed in daily challenges, ultimately voting each other out over ten-day seasons to determine a winner who takes the entire pot. The game has gained significant attention on Crypto Twitter for its interactive and engaging gameplay.

Uniswap Labs, known as a leading decentralized finance protocol, aims to continue the success of CTG by incorporating it into their platform and experimenting with new onchain activations for the Uniswap community. This acquisition marks a significant step towards offering a unique and engaging experience for users who are interested in decentralized gaming and finance.

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