Achievement Unlocked: IOTA Introduces MultiSignature Wallet and RPC Nodes

The IOTA Foundation has been making significant strides towards the launch of the IOTA EVM, with recent developments showcasing progress towards this milestone. Updates from the IOTA Ecosystem highlight the successful deployment and testing of crucial features such as the MultiSignature Wallet, which is now available to users, and the establishment of third-party RPC Nodes to support application deployment and testing on the IOTA EVM.

The Indexer/Subgraph solution is already operational, with teams actively working on their subgraphs, while Oracle providers have demonstrated seamless functionality, offering Pull and Push Oracle services to EVM teams. The growing adoption of the IOTA EVM is evident as more teams join the dedicated Builder Discord, leading to a surge in applications and opportunities within the ecosystem.

The IOTA Ecosystem and BD Team are working together to foster a thriving DeFi and RWA ecosystem, aiming to create a positive environment for decentralized finance and real-world assets. Initiatives for community engagement are also underway to celebrate the imminent launch of the IOTA EVM, signaling positive momentum for the ecosystem.

The launch of the IOTA EVM is on the horizon, with anticipation building within the IOTA community. This forthcoming launch will unlock a realm of opportunities, including tokenization, DeFi, decentralized identity, and more. The strategic soft launch on the Shimmer test network in March marked the beginning of a carefully planned roll-out, setting the stage for collaborative efforts with the builders’ community to establish the necessary infrastructure for future developments.

Following the launch of the IOTA EVM, the path will be paved for the release of IOTA 2.0. The public testnet for IOTA 2.0 is already live, with preparations underway for the mainnet launch tentatively scheduled for August of this year. The successful deployment of the IOTA EVM is crucial for providing the required infrastructure support for the launch of IOTA 2.0.

Overall, these developments indicate that the IOTA Ecosystem is on track for the launch of the IOTA EVM, showcasing a promising future for the platform and its community.