Achieve Business Resiliency at the Retail Edge

Dell Technologies is committed to helping retailers deploy more intelligent systems and technologies into their business operations to improve service and drive efficiencies, from computer-vision assisted loss prevention, robotics and AI-assisted pick and pack, to self-service kiosks and pick-up lockers. These applications depend on software—increasingly AI-based applications—running on smart devices that live inside the retail store, including servers, storage, handheld scanners and POS systems. When you add in the network of interconnected cloud and enterprise services that support the backend of these systems, you need solutions to help keep your systems running smoothly.

This rise in devices and an increasingly complex software ecosystem presents challenges. As retailers deploy more intelligence in their stores, warehouses and supply chain, managers and frontline service workers are becoming less capable of diagnosing and troubleshooting problems themselves, creating greater risk of system failure and significant downtime. IT cannot maintain full-time staff across hundreds or thousands of store locations, so retailers need to think differently about support. That is why solutions like Dell NativeEdge are critical to bridging the service gap, reducing the overall support workload and improving business resiliency.

Automating the Edge for Resiliency

To address these challenges and more, we are working with Centerity Systems to provide wall-to-wall observability on edge devices to help maintain business continuity and customer satisfaction. By deploying virtual agents into your edge and across your multicloud environments, this solution can help you quickly discover and remediate technical issues and automatically escalate tickets to IT where needed. This helps reduce the overall mean-time-to-repair by up to 75% and helps ensure your edge assets are operational and delivering value for your business.

This solution is blueprinted and deliverable quickly through the Dell NativeEdge operations platform, which enables rapid proof of concept and ease of management for edge applications, like Centerity. By simplifying the operational complexity at the edge, NativeEdge helps retailers quickly achieve scale, with zero-touch deployment of infrastructure and applications at the edge, and blueprints to quickly deliver and update applications across all of your edge locations. By using Zero Trust to secure your edge environments, NativeEdge helps protect your edge from cyberattacks and malicious actors to keep your business running smoothly.

The Future of Intelligent Retail

Edge technologies offer many opportunities to retailers that are looking to drive efficiencies and improve the customer experience. In order to be resilient, business leaders must consider not only how to deploy and scale edge applications, but also how to manage the litany of smart devices that make up their edge. Running Centerity on NativeEdge helps retailers deploy applications quickly and achieve business value in less time.

Come see how Dell is transforming the retail edge so you can run your business securely and at scale. We’re constantly expanding our partner and OEM customer ecosystem with powerful solutions like Centerity to help you get started on your NativeEdge journey today.

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