A Sneak Peek at Apple’s AI Strategy

Apple’s upcoming iOS update is expected to include AI tools, with potential features already being hinted at by reports. According to sources, one of the AI integrations could impact Safari, Apple’s native browser. Similar to Google’s AI capabilities in Chrome, Apple is reportedly working on implementing an AI tool called “Intelligent Search” to provide users with summaries of web content by identifying key topics and phrases on a webpage.

Another rumored AI feature for Safari is the “Web Eraser,” which would allow users to selectively remove specific parts of web pages with the help of AI. This tool is said to retain user preferences, making it convenient for future visits to the same website.

While these features are still under evaluation and not confirmed for the release of iOS 18, they demonstrate Apple’s commitment to integrating AI into their products. iOS users may have to wait until WWDC 2024 to get a full preview of these AI capabilities.