6 Residential Properties Designed by Modern-Day Starchitects

If you own one of the relatively few residential properties designed by modern-day starchitects, it’s a big deal. Not only because of the designer’s status as one of the world’s most influential contemporary contributors to the built environment, but because in many parts of the world, most homes aren’t truly designed at all. It’s assumed that as little as 2% of residences around the world are spearheaded by an architect. So if you get any architect to artfully craft a home for you, it’s a pretty exciting experience—one that only grows if it’s a legendary designer too.

While many of today’s starchitects have solidified their names through towering contributions to global skylines, striking concert halls, world-class hotels, and other projects of the like, many also have a small—but mighty—portfolio of private residences. No surprise that they’re pretty astonishing places. Below, AD visits six residential properties designed by modern-day starchitects around the world.