5 Tips And Useful Tech For Beginner Stargazers

The thing about stargazing is that even in its ideal form, it’s a very slow-going pastime. The movement of the stars (or rather, the illusion of movement created by the Earth’s rotation) can take hours just to budge a couple of relative inches. This means that if you’re looking for a particular star or constellation, you’re gonna be out there for a while, so you’d better set up a spot to get comfortable.

Bring a slanted observation chair that you can use for both checking your telescope and just quietly lounging, as well as a camping table to keep your belongings off the ground. You might also want to bring a portable power supply, as the best stargazing spots are generally pretty far from an outlet. Don’t forget to bring comfortable, protective clothing as well; if it’s warm out and you’re pretty sure it’ll stay that way, it’s less of a concern, but if it’s chilly, make sure you’re properly bundled up and shielded from the elements.