“5 Employers Looking to Hire AI Engineers”

The impact of artificial intelligence on various industries is expanding rapidly, transforming the technology landscape for both individual consumers and businesses. AI engineers are at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging their expertise in software engineering, data science, and other technical disciplines to create innovative solutions.

Companies across different sectors are hiring AI engineers to develop and maintain AI-enabled products and solutions. These include edtech, fintech, advertising, and more. Some notable companies actively seeking AI engineers include BrainPOP, Vorto, AMD, Tatari, and Figure.

BrainPOP, an edtech software company, is looking for an AI engineer to create an AI infrastructure roadmap and develop strategies for AI model testing. Vorto, a supply chain automation business, is seeking an AI engineer to collaborate with the software engineering team on software engineering and data science tasks. AMD, a global manufacturing company, is seeking a machine learning engineer proficient in Python and C++ for its AI software solutions team.

Tatari, a TV advertising company, is in need of AI engineers with generative AI experience to work on algorithm development and collaborate with data science and software engineering teams. Finally, Figure, a fintech company specializing in home equity lines of credit, is looking for AI engineers to optimize operational processes using AI and data expertise.

The demand for AI engineers continues to grow as companies increasingly rely on artificial intelligence to drive innovation and efficiency in their operations. For individuals with the right skills and expertise, there are numerous opportunities available in various industries to shape the future of technology through AI.