5 apps for enhancing your total solar eclipse viewing experience

Get ready for the upcoming 2024 total solar eclipse with these top smartphone apps that provide essential information and tools for a perfect viewing experience. Whether you want to track the eclipse’s path, watch it on livestream, or get photography assistance, these apps have you covered.

1. Solar Eclipse Timer
This app uses GPS to pinpoint your location and provides countdown announcements leading up to and during the eclipse. It offers reminders for safe eclipse viewing, temperature shifts, animal behavior changes, and more. The app also has a special photographer’s mode for quiet video recordings. Available for .99 on Android and iOS.

2. Total Solar Eclipse by Exploratorium
This free app offers livestreams, an interactive eclipse map, educational programs, and solar close-up views during the eclipse. Users can set reminders for future eclipses and plan trips for prime viewing experiences. Available for Android and iOS.

3. Solar Snap
This app helps amateur photographers capture quality images of the eclipse by providing camera setting suggestions. Users must purchase a filter kit that protects the smartphone camera lens during the eclipse. The kit comes with filters, eclipse glasses, Velcro sets, and the app. Available for free on Android and iOS (requires filter purchase).

NASA’s free app provides livestreams, photos, podcasts, and broadcasts during the eclipse. Users can access resources and information to enhance their eclipse viewing experience. Available for Amazon, Android, and iOS.

5. One Eclipse
This comprehensive app offers features such as a countdown timer, interactive map, eclipse simulator, lunar shadow tracker, audio prompts during critical moments, and a viewing guide for safe eclipse watching. Users can also donate their eclipse glasses through the app. Available for 99 cents on iOS.

With these smartphone apps, you can make the most of the upcoming total solar eclipse and capture unforgettable moments. Download them now