2024 Strategies for Life Sciences Deals- Licensing, M&A, and Beyond

Cheryl V. Reicin, a highly respected figure in the life sciences industry, serves as the International Chair of Mintz’s Life Sciences practice. With a wealth of experience, she acts as a trusted advisor to life sciences companies and major investors not only in the US and Canada but also in various countries worldwide. Reicin’s expertise lies in representing biotechnology, medical device, and health technology companies throughout their various growth stages. Additionally, she works closely with venture capitalists, investment banks, and academic medical centers.

Reicin’s role as a key player in the industry underscores her commitment to providing top-notch legal counsel and strategic guidance to her clients. Her extensive knowledge and experience make her a valuable asset to those navigating the complex landscape of the life sciences sector. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing companies in this space, Reicin is well-equipped to help her clients achieve their business goals and drive innovation in the industry.

Overall, Cheryl V. Reicin’s leadership and expertise in the life sciences field make her a standout professional in the industry, demonstrating her dedication to delivering exceptional support and guidance to her clients.