‘2023 Sustainability Report Highlights TePe’s Increased Focus on Oral Health and Sustainable Impact’

TePe, a leading Swedish oral health brand, has recently published its 2023 sustainability report outlining its commitment to good product, good people, and good practice. This report highlights TePe’s efforts to improve sustainability practices within the oral health industry.

Julia Lönnegren, the Sustainability Manager at TePe, stated, “Our sustainability journey focuses on reducing environmental impact through innovative solutions and promoting global oral health and well-being through education.”

In 2023, TePe utilized 100% renewable energy at its production facility in Malmö, Sweden, and expanded its rooftop solar panel park. Additionally, the company introduced a dental floss made entirely from recycled water bottles, supporting its goal to eliminate the use of virgin fossil-based materials.

TePe also aims to contribute to 25 million healthy smiles by 2030 by promoting oral health education initiatives globally. Dentist Sanjay Haryana emphasized the importance of good people in sustainability, highlighting the connection between oral health, well-being, and environmental impact.

TePe’s sustainability efforts extend to partnerships with organizations like the Swedish Society of Periodontology and Implantology and participation in research programs such as the STEPS initiative led by Lund University. These collaborations aim to raise awareness about oral health and promote sustainable practices within the industry.

Sanjay Haryana stressed the significance of developing products with environmental considerations while maintaining quality and safety standards. TePe’s sustainability report is a testament to the company’s dedication to sustainability and oral health since its inception in 1965.

For more information, the full sustainability report can be accessed on TePe’s website. TePe Oral Hygiene Products, established in 1965 in Malmö, Sweden, is committed to sustainability and providing high-quality oral health solutions worldwide. With subsidiaries in 80 countries, TePe’s products are available through various channels, including dental practices, pharmacies, e-tail, and retail outlets. Visit www.tepe.com for more details.