Scale Computing Announces VMware Rip & Replace Promotion in Wake of Broadcom Acquisition

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Scale Computing announced its VMware Rip & Replace Promotion for partners transitioning their business from VMware. Scale Computing partners bringing customers looking to migrate from VMware to Scale Computing Platform (SC//Platform) will receive a 25% discount on Scale Computing software and services, as well as free migration tool access and complimentary Scale Computing Advanced Training Certification, and a free registration pass to the Scale Computing customer and partner event, Platform 2024.

With the Broadcom acquisition of VMware complete, early this month Broadcom made the significant move of terminating the VMware Partner Program. Beginning February 5, Broadcom plans to move select VMware partners to its new invitation-only channel program and take approximately 2000 of VMware’s top customers direct. These changes have led to palpable frustration among partners as well as customers, many of whom face a painful transition from working with partners who will lose their status in Broadcom’s new channel program. Broadcom also announced the move to software licenses, meaning customers will soon see all VMware products sold on subscriptions and offered only in product bundles, potentially raising costs and forcing them to acquire software they do not need.

“Scale Computing is and always has been a channel-first company, and we stand ready to offer partners a superior solution and a transformative experience with SC//Platform, our hyperconverged virtualization platform,” stated Jeff Ready, CEO and cofounder of Scale Computing. “Scale Computing’s user-friendly interface eliminates the need for specialized virtualization knowledge. It can be set up in minutes, is self-healing, and features like automated backups, resource allocation, and scaling enable simplified ongoing management – reducing the burden on IT staff and making it ideal for organizations of all sizes to manage a complex virtualization environment. With our exclusive VMware Rip & Replace promotional discount, we’re offering partners and their customers a strategic advantage in navigating the current industry upheaval.”

Scale Computing replaces existing infrastructure and enables enterprises to run applications and process data outside centralized data centers, at the edge of their networks, closest to where data is created and utilized. Combining simplicity and ease of use with an ability to scale, Scale Computing takes a hyperconverged approach that provides a streamlined path to virtualization that is simple, secure, and reliable. Virtualization software and appliances are based on patented technologies designed from the ground up to minimize infrastructure complexity and cost. With SC//Fleet Manager, the industry’s first cloud-hosted monitoring and management tool built for hyperconverged edge computing infrastructure at scale, customers can quickly identify areas of concern using a single pane of glass, scaling from 1 to over 50,000 clusters. Zero-touch provisioning allows administrators to centrally monitor and manage hundreds or thousands of distributed edge infrastructure deployments with few or no on-site IT personnel, and Secure Link provides cloud-like simplicity for administrators.

“Today’s landscape is changing rapidly and businesses are increasingly looking for alternatives that offer enhanced features, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity rather than the time-consuming management, recurring downtime, and pricey licensing agreements they’ve come to find with VMware,” said Scale Computing’s Scott Mann, global channel chief and vice president, sales. “With Scale Computing, customers of all sizes get robust virtualization and hyperconverged infrastructure without breaking the bank. Our predictable and transparent pricing model simplifies budgeting and reduces the risk of unexpected expenses associated with complex licensing structures like those many VMware customers are grappling with. Scale Computing enables customers to reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 40%, reduce downtime by up to 90%, and manage an entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Our Rip & Replace promotion makes it easier than ever to make the switch.”

With Scale Computing’s limited-time VMware Rip & Replace promotion, partners bringing customers looking to migrate from VMware to SC//Platform will receive a 25% discount on Scale Computing software and services, free access to Scale Computing’s migration tool, and a free Scale Computing Advanced Training Certification. To learn more about the promotion, click here.